Unconference for Social Good 2013: Accelerate!

How can social good happen faster, with higher impact, using slim resources?

September 28, 2013

9:30am – 4:30pm

Memorial Park Library, 2nd Floor


Business has undergone a major transformation in the last two decades. Countless startups have proven that an Internet connection, a good idea and some hard work are all that is needed to build a business that reaches the entire world. We’ve shifted from an industrial mindset focused on planning, control, and a world of scarcity to a lean, agile, entrepreneurial culture obsessed with execution, experimentation, open collaboration, and rapid innovation in a world of abundance. The revolution started in the technology sector but it’s reaching into all areas of business, government and non-profits. More than any time in history, each of us has the opportunity to make to a substantial impact. Attend the Unconference for Social Good in Calgary to push the conversation further.

What is an Unconference?

Unconferences invert the normal conference format by facilitating the creation of an agenda at the event. Participants form their own discussion groups rather than relying on pre-arranged speakers and scheduled breakout sessions.

Unconferences start with the premise that everyone attending has something to contribute and are structured to share that knowledge and talent. The result is a more dynamic and engaging event!

For more details on the Unconference format, we recommend the Wikipedia article on “Open Space Technology”.

Potential Topics and Themes

  • Can concepts like lean startups, agile business practices, bootstrapping, minimum viable products, A/B testing, and design thinking be applied to the non-profit sector?

  • Can more individuals in sectors outside of charities be persuaded to think, not just about their footprint, but about how they can actively make a difference and be a force for good?

  • How can crowdfunding, crowdsourcing, open source collaboration, social media marketing & networking be applied in the context of making the world a better place?

  • What organizations or individuals are making the greatest impact? What can we earn from them?

Why You Should Attend?

  • Connections. Connecting with motivated, intelligent and good people is valuable in and of itself. Meaningful conversations with people who are trying to make a difference in the world is what it means to be human.
  • Learn new ideas. No single person, organization, or sector, has all the answers. Learn from the knowledge and experiences of others.
  • Collaboration. More can be accomplished collaboratively, than individually. Sharing ideas and best practices can help all organizations achieve more. Meet and connect with like-minded people striving to make the world a better place. Non-profits can build relationships with marketing, business and IT experts that can make enormous contributions to their organizations.
  • Network. Rich connections with a broad spectrum of talented professionals is invaluable. Great people will be in the room. Get to know them.

With more learning, collaboration, and cooperation we can all achieve more!

All Proceeds to Charity

100% of your ticket price will be donated to Calgary Reads and The Calgary Public Library Foundation.

Please Support Our Sponsors

Thanks to Jonathan Glover and his team at ING Direct for sponsoring this year’s event. They are covering food and room rental costs allowing us to pass all of  your donations directly to both the Calgary Public Library Foundation and Calgary Reads. Follow ING Direct on Twitter at @OrangeYYC

ING Direct

Thanks to Kayli Henrikson and the 12ave and 8th Street Starbucks for generously providing coffee. Starbucks is a great supporter of community events.


We’d be happy to have additional Sponsors

Promote your organization to thought leaders in the social good, travel, technology and startup communities, while helping to make the world a better place. Contact the organizers at: admin@unconferenceforsocialgood.com