The Vision

Increasing numbers of people are interested in contributing their talents to positive social change, and in benefiting from the sense of challenge, fun, and purpose such actions involve.

With technology democratizing information and empowering people with cost-effective tools, there are new ways to understand and address challenges, and new opportunities to make meaningful contributions — especially if we do so together.

The Unconference for Social Good seeks to connect this community to foster new conversations and relationships, and source and catalyze the wisdom of this crowd.

The Event

The first Unconference for Social Good is an invitation-only event due to the limited capacity of the venue. However, growing the Unconference for Social Good to increase the community, connections, and idea generation is a goal. We have plans for larger, more open events for greater numbers of people, and want the input of the first attendees in shaping the vision of future Unconferences.

The People

The Unconference for Social Good was conceived as a decentralized process rather than a traditional organisation. Modeled after many of the latest “distributed” developments in technology — like open-source, Wikis and crowd-sourcing — Unconference for Social Good aspires to reflect and enable the vision and aspirations of the Calgary community, not try to direct it.

Over a dozen people helped contribute to this first event in varying degrees, and the members look forward to widening the network of contributors for future events.

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