Unconference for Social Good Calgary

When: October 22nd, 2011.  9:30 AM – 4:00 PM
Where: Memorial Park Library, Second Floor – 1221 2nd Street SW, T2R 0W5

Theme: What can we do to create social good in 2012?

Join a gathering of Calgary’s change makers and thought leaders to discuss a wide variety of topics related to the subject of building a better society.

From start-ups and corporations to non-profits and social entrepreneurs, Unconference for Social Good YYC will be a gathering of those who want to solve social challenges in innovative ways.

What is an Unconference?
Unconferences invert the normal conference format by facilitating the creation of an agenda at the event. Participants form their own discussion groups rather than relying on pre-arranged speakers and scheduled breakout sessions.

Unconferences start with the premise that everyone attending has something to contribute and are structured to share that knowledge and talent. The result is a more dynamic and engaging event!

What will be discussed?
Building on the general theme of creating social good in 2012, the actual discussion topics will be determined by the participants, so come with a question you’d like to discuss and be ready to put it on the agenda.

We don’t know what the agenda will be, but it might include such topics as:

  • “What is social good and should we try to measure it?”
  • “What role can social media play in creating social good and are we making proper use of it?”
  • “What’s the role of sustainability and environmentalism?”
  • “Does private enterprise get enough credit for its social contributions?”
  • “What are the greatest challenges and what can we do to address them?”

While the conversation will be immensely valuable in itself, we hope to see a number of new initiatives emerge from the proceedings that will give us all something to watch and work on in the upcoming year!

Please Support Our Sponsors

Coffee, munchies and lunch will be available thanks to the generous support of our sponsors, First Calgary Financial and Alberta Ecotrust. USGYYC couldn’t be offered free of charge without their donations.
First Calgary Financial

Alberta Ecotrust

Many thanks to our host The Calgary Public Library Foundation at Memorial Park Library, which is kindly donating the space for this event!!
Calgary Public Library Foundation

Starbucks is providing copious amounts of fair trade coffee and tea to keep our brains buzzing.


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Dax Justin

For more details on the Unconference format, we recommend the Wikipedia article on “Open Space Technology”.